Chronic pain in our lower body; chronic leg pain, sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain or pelvis pain.

WHAT: We learn together

WHY: To eliminate leg pain and sciatic nerve pain

HOW: Through guided training, in-depth explanation and Q&A

WHEN: 30 days (6 times per week) at 6 PM CET

Program and written material will be in the English language.

This online program is meant for anyone who has chronic leg pain, sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain or pelvis pain. Some people have pain that emits from pelvis to foot, some feel muscle burn, some knee or foot pain, some plantar fasciitis, heel spur or chronic inflammation of the Achilles’ heel and some have the inflammation of the periosteum, difficulties walking and poor balance. Some people feel unsolvable problems in the area of their genitals and pelvis, lower abdomen or lower back.


These states have specific reasons and they are reflected back to us through all areas of our lives. We feel that our body is not able to do what it needs to and this becomes a serious obstacle when wanting to reach our goals. This is why we will be exploring the deeper reasons for these issues and learn the right AEQ exercises for them. Apart from the exercises we will also need to discipline our spirit and our emotions to genuinely benefit from the program.


AEQ live trainings create a very distinctive influence

We will learn how to eliminate sensory-motor amnesia (SMA) by lessening our conscious resistance; through exercises and consideration we try to create more unity between our conscious self and our unconscious self with the most ease possible by making an effort to lessen the gap between our awareness and the right reaction from our body. On our own, without an attentive teachers’ support, it is very hard to achieve this kind of state. Working together with a teacher creates the extra motivation that we need to overcome our negative physical states.


You will get to know more about:

-The specific relationship toward time, work and burden that causes sciatic nerve pain.

-What is the membrane, what is its function, why does modern life eliminate the membrane out of conscious processes and why does this cause illogical chronic pain.

-The cause of leg pain and what does it tell us about life.

-How to get back the flexibility in the core of our body so that we can create order in our legs.

-The role that our legs play in our ability to self-regulate and to sense realistic outer pressures.

-Why does the division within our body, that wants change, and our conscious awareness, that does not want change, cause sciatic nerve pain.

-How to change our behavior that brought us sciatic nerve pain by changing our flexibility and movement.



You will learn:


-The basics of our nervous and muscular system which will help you to sense your muscle contractions better and to lessen them.

-A more refined sensitivity to how your body feels which will help you to evaluate the boundaries of your actions better.

-Four AEQ exercises that will play the main role in eliminating your pain.


THE BEGINNING – 18th March 2023 between 6 pm and 7.30 pm


The program will begin with an online 90-minute introductory lecture. The lecture will be recorded and will be available for replay twice during the 30-day program.


FOLLOWED BY – 30 days of carefully chosen guided AEQ exercises

The live trainings will be scheduled every day except Friday between 8.20 pm and 9.20 pm.


The participants who will not be able to come to the training live due to unforeseen circumstances will receive access to the replay which they will be able to listen to only once in the next 24 hours. In you are not able to participate live most of the time then I recommend you do not participate at all because in that way you will not be able to receive the benefits of the program. Terms and conditions in regards to replay access can be found here: REPLAY ACCESS


Summary: you will be learning 30 days, 60 minutes per day, 6 times per week. I will be guiding you through a prepared exercise for the first 30 minutes of training and explain to you what are the causes for the mistakes I will notice with participants in the last 30 minutes of training. In 30 days, you will learn 4 AEQ exercises. Altogether we will dedicate 250 minutes of our time for exercises and 24 hours for in-depth explanations of the AEQ method and Q&A’s. I will be leading you through exercises in diverse ways and sequences to increase your understanding of the exercises and the influence they have on SMA.


Live trainings will be done 6 times per week.

Total program length is 32 hours.

The price for the program is 320 euros.

A workbook with a thorough description of 4 AEQ exercises is included in the program.

The program is led by Ales Ernst, Teacher of the AEQ Method Level 5.

If you realize that this kind of approach is not for you after the first four days of participation, we offer you the possibility of a full refund.

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Mar 18 2023 - Apr 22 2023


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm




Zoom on-line event
Aleš Ernst


Aleš Ernst

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